This exhibition has been labelled as the most complete one ever created, making it an event that cannot be missed. The clay replicas were created by craftsmen from the excavation region, who have a high level of consideration for the original clay models. Tickets for the Terracotta Army and the First Emperor of China exhibition are available via webtickets. Tickets can either be bought online, or at selected Pick n Pay stores. Webtickets has a number of payment options available, making it convenient for everyone. Ticket prices for the exhibition ranges from R85 for children to R350 for a family of four. Adult tickets are R140 each. Children under the age of five can enter the exhibitions for free.

This event is fun as well as educational, making it suitable for the whole family. Parents can bring their children to marvel at the life-sized clay models, while learning about the history of the real Terracotta Army located near the city of Xi’an in China.