Teachers Enter For Free

Expo RSA positions itself to educate and enlighten pupils and students while creating an enjoyable and value-rich experience.  Our exhibitions push to invite many pupils and students to visit the exhibition so we find it important that we allow all teachers, professors and educators to visit each exhibition prior to group excursions.

Our team will then contact you to arrange a booking for your group.Please be advised that we will need to verify your position of employment with your institution. ID of all educators, professors and teachers will be required on entrance.

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Titanic Curriculum

Pre-primary school: The lessons in the pre-primary (elementary) School Teacher’s Guide are specifically geared towards Social Studies for pre-primary to grade 4 learners. The course includes inherent Language Arts components.
Primary school: The Middle School Teacher’s Guide’s lessons are specifically focused on Social Studies for primary school learners from grade 4 to 7, which includes inherent Language Arts components that can easily be incorporated into many different primary school subjects.
High school: Lessons planned in the High School Teacher’s Guide incorporates Social Studies in high school learners from grade 8 to 12, with inherent Language Arts components, that can easily be incorporated into a variety of school subjects.

Art of the Brick Curriculum

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