As memorable as the fairy tale may be, I’m sure some of the facts may be a bit of a blur, as it was heard many moons ago. If the thought of bringing this classic childhood fairy tale to life excites you, then you are in for a treat at the Power of Poison expo! The expo features Snow White in all her graceful glory, with an exhibit of the poisoned apple. But before we proceed, let’s recap on what the fairy tale entails.

JJS_5941After hearing that the Wicked Witch was no longer “the fairest of them all”, enraged, she sought revenge after Snow White, for dethroning her. She then sends the woodsman out to kill Snow White, in an attempt to regain her title as the “fairest of them all”. The woodsman then finds that his conscience bothers him and he can’t go through with it. He then tricks the Wicked Witch into believing that he has done the deed and deceives her by bringing a pig’s heart, in place of Snow White’s. The Wicked Witch then goes after Snow White herself, and disguises herself as an old woman.

Now, Snow White is in the Woods with the Prince. Suddenly, the weather changes and Snow White becomes afraid and runs off, deeper into the forest. She then passes out from exhaustion and wakes up to seven little dwarfs, who took her in and took care of her. Snow White manages to convince the Little Dwarfs to keep her there in exchange for her domestic JJS_5944expertise.

The Magic Mirror then reveals to her that Snow White is actually alive and the Wicked Witch takes it upon herself to find and kill Snow White. She then goes after Snow White, disguised as an old woman. She then takes an apple with her through the woods, and takes a bite of the apple, as she sees the old woman taking a bite of the apple too. Snow White then enters a death-like state, and the curse will only be broken once she is kissed by her true love. The dwarfs then honour Snow White by placing her body in a glass coffin, the Prince finds her, kisses her and they go off into eternal happiness.

The showcase of Snow White at the Power of Poison expo gives the fairy tale a realistic twist. We learn that the poisoning of the apple wasn’t as far-fetched as what we assumed. In the fairy tale, even though we knew that the Wicked Witch had powers beyond human understanding, we were left wondering how the witch could possibly eat from the poisoned apple and remain unharmed. The realist take on the fairy tale is that the Wicked Witch used a method of poisoning similar to that which was used in the army. The Wicked Witch had only poisoned the one side of the apple, and ate from the unpoisoned side of the apple. This method was derived from an old Malayos military tactic, where the one-side of the blade would be poisoned to ensure the death of the opponent in battle.  

Be a part of this magical extravaganza and learn more about how the Power of Poison has influenced our lives, since childhood!